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Sea,Fish & Originality-KANETOKU creates original taste
sensations using fresh ingredients from the sea.
Head office Imm Emeraude 6th Floor 4-1 Narihira-Cho Ashiya-Shi,JAPAN
Inaugurated September 1925
Established As an incorporated company in June 1951
Capital \50 million
President Tomonori Higashimura
Business Production and sales of processed marine foods
Business locations 10 locations
(1 head office, 5 branches,
1sales stores and 3 factories)
Settlement term June 30
Sales US$45 million(in 2012 June closing)
Correspondent banks Shoko Chukin Bank, Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank,
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank, Chuo Mitsui Shintaku Bank,
Norin Chukin Bank and Shinkin Central Bank
Employee Employee 137(as of July 2012)
Amenities Clubhouse (in Hyogo Prefecture)
Associated companies Nichiryo Bussan Co. Ltd., Santoku Ltd.,and
Asia View Investment Ltd.(Hong Kong)
Suppliers Toyota Tsusho Corporation, Kanematsu Corporation,
among others
Customers Central wholesalers, supermarkets, co-ops, department
stores, and other retail outlets