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Food culture blooms at ``Kanetoku`` in Ashiya
- the place where the company was founded.
Kanetoku established in 1925 in Ashiya City, and prospered in Kobe City, has returned to its city of origin in Ashiya City, with a mind to continue to grow in food culture.
Rich taste in a fashionable city.
Street filled with greenery and surrounded by the Rock Mountains. The running stream with the soft sound of the wave from the Ashiya River. The people and cars coming and going on the chic and calm streets. Ashiya is the city of elegant fashion and refined dining, too. Kanetoku will further increase its knowledge of taste making which has been manufactured, in its city of origin.
Original delicacies manufactured from the fresh seafood raw materials.
Marine produce - is indispensable when talking about Japanese food culture. From immemorial times, fresh products from the sea have decorated the Japanese dining table and have appealed to the sense of taste which is a characteristic of Japanese delicacies. Kanetoku is developing and presenting the original delicacies which are suitable for the taste of the times, making the most of the characteristics of extra fresh raw materials.
Persistent in Sea and Freshness - aiming to create pleasure in Tasting.
In this booming time of gourmet, and rich raw food materials, the recipes for``rare taste``are becoming scarce. However, Kanetoku persistently continues to seek in the Sea and freshness for the pleasure of Tasting.
Food Culture
I have traveled to foreign countries, several times a year since my mid-twenties. During this time I have experienced the taste, which is only characteristic in the place and learned that ``Tasting is Culture``. The pleasure of tasting is a common experience around the world, therefore I will make the effort to create new food materials and new tastes that have not been experience in the past.
Chinmi was originally a ``rare taste``, however, nowadays, there are many kinds available. Fresh seafood accompanied Japanese sake, dry produce to relish and in addition, hors d`oeuvres, like daily dishes and so on, however seafood products are the main items for our company. Setting ``Sea and Freshness`` as the key-words, we will continue to seek Chinmi, which is in Japanese Food Culture.
Development of raw material food
Sad to say that domestic marine products are declining in quantities, but in abundance that is not consumed/or used in their various countries due to their differing customs. Also for now, my policy is to develop actively such a good and reasonable raw materials in overseas countries.
Second establishment
Unintentionally, this time we have returned to the place where Kanetoku was found. On reflection, overcoming the successive disasters of the hardships of the Hanshin Earthquake and the calamity of 0-157, in this place, we have set the course of smooth recovery of business achievement, maybe, owing to overcoming the obstacles. Together, my company members and I, take this place a second time of inauguration, renewing our way of thinking, all members will make a further effort to meet clients expectations and continued reliance.
The starting point for the development of products is the clients.
Aiming to create the``taste with sincerity``.
Kanetoku's consistent enterprise goal is to offer the ``Joy of taste`` to respective individual customers. We are always listening to the voices of customers, and engaging the creation of ``commodity with sincerity``.
・Development of products by contacting the consumers.
It is Kanetoku's basic theory for the development of products, to make products which consumers really expect, denying the way to make from the stance of convenience and logic of enterprise. There are various types of customers, who place value on genuine taste, or who are seeking healthy food. We are appealing to these customers' demand s without compromise and aim to develop products reaching consumers, in its literal sense.
・Development of products from standpoint of raw materials and equipment.
When consumer's request comes to Sasayama, using real raw materials and production facilities, we materialize this demands. At the same time, to create and to offer new products made from raw materials which Kanetoku has been using is also another way to develop products. By inventing new recipes using combinations of seasonal raw-materials with seafood products, creating new taste and savoring, in such a way, from several aspects, continuing to research for new products is being done.
・Development of raw materials and new recipes.
It is a basic strategy for overseas operations to make production near the place of picking the raw materials. Until today, Kanetoku has acquired marine products from more than ten countries, establishing a new industry of fishery and processing by contributing to the economy and employment of those countries. At present, the BCC plant, which was established with a Vietnamese company as a joint venture company, is producing hand-made products of highly fresh sashimi and such and sushi items which is difficult to produce by machine.
Hygiene and quality control completed as a HACCP compliant factory.
In September 1998, Kanetoku Sasayama Factory was approved by the FDA as a HACCP compliant factory , and further promoting the consciousness for hygiene and quality control.
``Production with sincerity`` under the responsibility system of one person per item.
The present number of productions are 250 items and 1,000 different kinds of packing style. Typical production of many varieties, small quantities. Moreover, products are fresh products which are hard to make by machine due to the weighing and processing task, therefore Sasayama factory has established a system of production with responsibility of one person per product, instead of an automated system. Kanetoku is delivering ``hand made taste with sincerity`` in accordance with its l literal sense.
``Safe and safety`` is our source of hygienic control system.
HACCP requests that hygienic control levels be equivalent to foods used by astronauts when traveling aboard the shuttle space. In Sasayama factory, company members have held study meetings for a year and a half, enhancing all members' consciousness, and as a result succeeded in receiving an excellent evaluation. Without being completely satisfied with this result, all members are still challenging for a higher level.
In Vietnam BCC plant-also with HACCP certificate.
The BCC plant is producing the tray packed products for sashimi and sushi, using raw materials of cuttlefish and other items which are caught near the sea. The new version of clean room and so on are contributing to the establishment of a high level of hygienic control levels equivalent that of Japan. BCC Vietnam staffs visit Japan every year and exchange techniques with our Japanese staffs. In November 1998, the BCC plant received the acquisition of the FDA's HACCP.
Clarification of company member's respective responsibility and evaluation
of business achievement, Re-organization of department structure in company.
Kanetoku's restructured organization in 1998. Abolishing past organization, simplifying the relationship between management and company employees, clarifying where respective responsibility lies, ways of the company are very functional. The atmosphere within the company is open and information flows easily.
Vitalization through the project of inter-organization.
The first distinguishing characteristic of the new organization is the simple 4 stages of ``director``,``manager``,``team leader``, and``staff member``, abolishing the past organization of department general manager and manager. By this measure, not only clarifying where the responsibility lies but it becomes possible to achieve the flexible project apply to the problems, with smooth communication among all persons, overcoming the sectionalism. Quick decision making is also realized by establishing a system to make final judgement through the director's meeting after the process of making the final policy of management and measure, by the discussion between the 5 managers from the department of sales, producing, overseas operation, administration and integrated planning. Moreover, the Target Management Plan -of making target respectively by company members- is being applied, together with the evaluation of business achievement -these are enhancing the moral of company members. techniques with our Japanese staffs. In November 1998, the BCC plant received the acquisition of the FDA's HACCP.
Continuously nurturing the spirit of challenge.
The company name was changed to Kanetoku Corporation as of April 1996 and since then the company has newly taken to seeking the unlimited possibilities of tasting. Kanetoku will continue to challenge the future without forgetting the mission for Society, adding the new sense of sensation and technique to a long trading.
Placing high values on creative thinking and power of action,
the climate of the work place places value on individuality.
It would be true that each person has his/her specialty which everyone can not do. Given the effort to expand our ability, giving full scope to our originality and ability, we can obtain our self-realization in this enterprise.
We love to cherish our own life, don't we?