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1924 Founded by Mr.Tokutaro Higashimura who started to sell bottle and canned goods in addition to confectionery products in the Kobe area.
1925 Opened a retail outlet in Ashiya for bottle and canned goods. The company was inaugurated in that year.
1937 Initiated the manufacturing of food products.
1947 Established brokerage firm of buying and selling the products.
1951 Started the import of jellyfish from China, began manufacturing jellyfish/sea urchin roe products in Japan. Opened an outlet in Daimaru, Kobe branch. Transformed corporate structure through a limited partnership called Higashimura Shoten.
1960 Restructure from Higashimura Shoten Ltd. To Higashimura Tokutaro Co.Ltd., In July.
1967 Built the Sanda Factory.
1968 Introduced KANETOKU ``CHINMI`` products.
1969 Development resource of Indonesian Jellyfish and flying roe.
1970 Established a sales office in Tokyo (currently Tokyo Branch)
1972 Established a sales office in Nagoya (currently Nagoya Branch)
1973 Started a resource of sea urchin roe in the Philippines.
1974 Established a sales office in Hokkaido (currently Sapporo Branch)
1975 Established a sales office in Fukuoka (currently Fukuoka Branch)
1979 Mr.Tokutaro Higashimura was awarded with the 5th Order of the Sacred Treasure.
1980 Completed Sasayama Factory.
1981 Development a resource of flying fish roe in Peru.
1982 Began developing marine resources in Bali, Indonesia.
1983 Began to develop resources of topshellfish in Black Sea, Turkey.
1986 Mr.Katsunori Higashimura was inaugurated as President in June. Mr. Tokutaro Higashimura was awarded the Prize of Bernard O'higgins by the Chilean government.
1989 Opened an outlet in Kawanishi Hankyu, Hyogo.
1990 Developed chirimenjyako(baby anchovies)processed in Indonesia for export.
1994 Corporate Identity is announced 22 January. Nichiryo Bussan Co.Ltd. Become a member of KANETOKU Group.
1995 Hanshin earthquake in January. Head Office temporary moved to Sasayama from Kobe. In March, returned back to Kobe, Goko Dori, Chuo-Ku.(in March 1997 returned back to original place of Higashi Machi) In May established Asia View Investment Ltd. In Hong Kong. On 22nd December, opened BCC plant in Vietnam with Havico company.
1996 Cl debut on April 3rd, changed company name to Kanetoku Corporation.
1998 In January moved head office to Ashiya City - place of foundation. In July, new organization started.(Manager-leader system) In September, received approval of HACCP for products made from Sasayama factory.
1999 In January, Tokyo Branch moved. In April, started Management By Objective through Self Control system.
2000 In July, Mail-order business team established. In September, Published history of corporation in memory of 75 years anniversary.
2001 In March, Sapporo Branch moved. In May, Nagoya Branch moved. In October, Fukuoka Branch moved..
2007 Mr.Tomonori Higashimura was inaugurated as President in August.
2011 Mr.Katsunori Higashimura was awarded The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays by The Japanese Emperor.