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The design of the symbol of KANETOKU CORPORATION reflects the letter``K``for KANETOKU as part of it’s a motif.
Part of the ``K`` in the new symbol represents the tip of an arrow winging its way into the future,
and bring s to mind the image of a fish head. The small circle resembles the eye of the fish,
and expresses the``true essence`` of KANETOKU CORPORATION.
Our corporate color, ``KANETOKU blue``, represents the vastness of the sea and its bounty.
All company member have finished the renovation of consciousness
and challenge to realize the corporate goal.
The operation of CL activity was joined by all company members.
The morale of company members is further enhanced to its highest level, and has started the powerful activity
of realizing the common corporate goal and ideas, being changed with a sense of mission.
Corporate goal
We will contribute to all the people around the world by aiming to create the joys of eating.
Corporate philosophy
To show concern for the customers’ enjoinment of delicious food products.
To be considerate of the sea and the freshness of our products.
To focus on a global viewpoint and form an international exchange.
To respect natural resources and preserve its environment.
To value sincerity and trust.
To foster innovation and individuality.